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Pinewood Derby Cars for Sale by AG Derby

While, others will promise a fast Pinewood Derby Cars, we will PROVE that our cars are faster!  All cars have video footage online that have been tested against all of the other Derby Cars car makers and their models/designs.  You can determine for yourself.  

Our cars have been through many prototype stages, redesigned, tested, redesigned and tested again and again....

We apply all of the maximum kinetic energy and speed secrets to our cars.  We have all the equipment to achieve maximum speed and be consistent and have repeatability!  Our cars are CNC Machined, Laser'd and  radius'd with a panagraph.  Our Cars are tested in milliseconds on a standard 32, 35 and 42 foot tracks with digital timers.  Our experience is your gain!!  Video footage of our cars has been uploaded for you to review the results.  There are many places you can purchase derby cars that claim they are fast, but how fast is fast??  You are purchasing on faith or based on feedback.   We give you actual test results!!!  We give you actual video footage.  No one else dares to do this.  You will not find this on other sites.  We have checked.  We are that confident with our cars, to give you actual test results in thousands of a second results.  You only have one chance at this, make the wrong choice, bring home an unhappy scout, and you will have to wait another year to try again.   Is it worth the risk??

A Video, makes no promises and what you see is what you get!


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Fractions of an inch, milliseconds, determine cars that head to district races and ones that go home.